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Invest and Support

Fom the very beginning, Retiro dos Cavaleiros was a project whose extent was almost impossible for us to assess. While we had a rough idea about the challenges of a renovation, derived from our experience with previous building projects, the sheer size of the property and the entry into the field of agriculture led us onto terrain we had never stepped on before. Despite the fact that while looking for a property we had always wanted to get enough terrain for agricultural use as well, it wasn't until the start of renovation work that it dawned on us that we could in no way leave the 9 hectares of land unattended even temporarily. Now we were finally setting our feet on uncharted terrain.

At this point we were lucky to find coworkers who lived nearby and were themselves excited to join the project. Gabriel und Artur became our employees and have been looking after the matters of agriculture and infrastructure since then. We can say that through the contributions of many good people - both employed an comissioned - the project has advanced very well so far. Financially we have been able to get along, spending all our savings up to the point where we are now left with the income from one regular job. This allows us to uphold day-to-day operation, but it does not allow for bigger insvestments - of which there remain quite a few

The events of the first half of year 2020 have shattered our hope of generating income through the renting of the beatiful rooms and apartments at Retiro dos Cavaleiros, and it seems unclear when and to what degree this situation will change. Even though we believe that there will be a time where the beautiful location will again find interest as a touristic destination, we have decided to shift our focus onto agriculture for time being. It is our goal to set up a web shop with regional delivery for organic farming products. Below we are listing a few of the bigger investment challenges that lie on our way to that goal. Please consider whether and how you may want to contribute to this project. There are many possibilities:

  • book a holiday at our guest house (once that is possible again)
  • contribute your manual skills by working with us
  • contribute financially in the form of a loan, an investment or a donation. We offer different models for compensation

We would love to hear from you.


Although water consumption is reduced by the pemaculture approach we are employing, in order to use the 3 hectares of land effectively, we are in need of a capable irrigation system which should be remotely controllable and solar powerered in order to avoid having personnel roam around the large property to open and shut valves.


much of the available area is not yet used in an optimal way. We need high-quality seedlings and pre-grown plants to be able to get yield as soon as possible. We also need to install irrigation to these areas

Apartments 2 and 3

Last but not least apartments 2 and 3 still require renovation. Please find a detailed description and pictures on the Apartments page

Places to visit...

  • Rio Zezere valley. Enjoy swimming, fishing and river boating on the dammed up river. Distance: about 5 minutes
  • The impressive Convento de Cristo in Tomar
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  • Inner court of the Convento de Cristo
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  • Almourol templar castle, located in the middle of the tagus river
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