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Beyond accomodation, Retiro dos Cavaleiros offers numerous facilities which will make the guest's stay enjoyable and relaxing, and most of which are free of charge

The Terrain

Retiro dos Cavaleiros also encompasses 9 ha of terrain, where you find different trees like orange, mandarine, chestnut and medronho (also called strawberry tree) and a large area which is being prepared for organic farming

The Pool

The pool has a size of 17 by 6 meters. There is ample space on the surrounding lawn for every guest to find their place. The stone benches decorated with templar symobls invite for a moment of rest

The Tower

The tower has a viewing platform with a wonderful panoramic view. If it is not rented as a whole, admission is free for all guests after prior registration

The Salon

You're invited to stay at the public salon enjoying a drink from the freely accessible bar, reading a book you brought or one you pick from our library, or holding a conversation with another guest. Or any combination thereof

The Knight's Hall

The Knight's Hall offers ample space of almost 90 m² suitable for meetings and celebrations

Places to visit...

  • Rio Zezere valley. Enjoy swimming, fishing and river boating on the dammed up river. Distance: about 5 minutes
  • The impressive Convento de Cristo in Tomar
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  • Inner court of the Convento de Cristo
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  • Almourol templar castle, located in the middle of the tagus river
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