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The main house has 6 rental units with individual bathrooms. These units range from a large suite with more than 70 m² to a cozy chamber with 13 m². One striking feature is the design of the bathrooms, which is unique for every unit. One may or may not like it at first - but after a while you realize the originality that goes back to a former lady of the house. Unfortunately most guests will not be able to see all bathrooms and thus appreciate the diversity. We for one have decided to name some of the rooms after gemstones that mirror the color of the bathroom tiles: Jade, Emerald, Amber and Ruby. One had to be named Templarios, or course, and the Tower chamber was too obvious to avoid.

The Tower

The tower is not only the visible landmark of Retiro dos Cavaleiros, but it also holds a cozy chamber on the first floor and a platform with a spectacular view on the top. If the tower is rented as a whole, the bottom floor will become the living room and the platform will be part of the private area. The chamber holds a large canopy bed and has windows overseeing the inner court and the village. There is a small bathroom with a shower.

  • unique location - rent your own castle
  • optional: private platform on top
  • large canopy bed


Templarios is our largest offering with more than 70 m². It has a unique medieval style and consists of a large living room with fireplace, an adjacent bedroom separated by heavy drapes, a smaller bedroom and a bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and a shower. The suite has many elements alluding to templarios history, such as stone carvings and a massive wooden door which leads into the patio. The bathroom has unique brownish tiles.

  • lots of space (> 70m²)
  • separate entry from the patio
  • stylish templarios atmosphere
  • fireplace


Jade is a large single-bedroom suite with a king size bed and a set of stylish leather furniture. The windows face the inner court and the swimming pool. The bathroom has green tiles (hence the name of the suite) and a bathtub, which can also serve as a shower.

  • large room
  • stylish furniture
  • bathroom with bathtub


Emerald is one of the smaller rooms which holds a queen size bed. It has the same rugged authentic atmosphere as is found all around the property. There is a door that opens to the verandah with view over the property and to Serra village on the opposing hill. The bathroom has shiny green tiles which lend the room its name. There is a bathtub that also has a shower

  • authentic one room suite
  • access to the verandah
  • stylish bath with bathtub


Amber is one of the smaller rooms which holds a king size bed, showing forth the same rugged authentic atmosphere as is found all around the property. The window opens toward the garden. The bathroom has yellow / brownish tiles which led to the name of the room. There is a unique shower with natural stone base

  • authentic one room suite
  • view of the garden
  • stylish bath with shower


Ruby is a suite with two rooms connected by an open passage. One serves as a seating area furnished with stylish leather chairs, while the other holds the king size bed. Both rooms have large windows that open towards the inner patio and the village church. The bathroom has shiny red tiles which lend the suite its name. There is a bathtub that also has a shower

  • large 2 room suite
  • access to the patio
  • stylish bathroom with bathtub

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